ERGECD-ITCASS meeting 2021

A joint ERGECD-ITCASS meeting is organized for the first time in Lyon, February 3-5 2021.

The reason to join these two meetings is that there is overlap in topics covered and both meetings have a small and informal character.

Following the previous information about 29th ERGECD meeting, which is joined to ITCASS meeting, we would like to announce some changes in the organization.

Indeed, due to the current context, notably in Europe, we decided to plan a « hybrid meeting » with a mix of personal attendance and webinar.

Therefore, you will have two options:

Please choose your option during registration. You will be informed in time about the final organization (which collaborative platform and how to connect; program of the congress; sanitary measures on site, etc..).

Program ERGECD-ETCASS 2021


The Organizing Committee of the 29th ERGECD meeting is happy to invite you in Lyon, France, to tell us about your latest research. This meeting will take place at Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), Site Monod, Place de l’Ecole, 69007 LYON, Amphithéâtre Mérieux.

ERGECD Meetings are small informal meetings which gather experts in the field of skin toxicology, immunology and contact dermatitis including chemists, pharmacologists, epidemiologists, clinicians, toxicologists, cell biologists and immunologists.

If you are interested in ERGECD meeting, please register and send the title of your presentation.

Best Wishes
Jean-François Nicolas & Marc Vocanson


ITCASS (Immunotoxicology and Chemical Allergy Specialty Section for EUROTOX) meetings are small and informal meetings that bring together scientists working in the field of immunotoxicology.
During the joint ERGECD-ITCASS meeting, the morning session of the 3rd February will cover the following topics: respiratory allergy, drug allergy/autoimmunity, food allergy, immunosuppression and developmental immunotoxicology.
ITCASS Organizing committee.

Presentations on innovative techniques or predictive test methods for immunotoxicology or allergy are welcome as well. Research in the area of contact allergy can be presented during ERGECD meeting.

Janine Ezendam, Marc Pallardy, Unni Nygaard, Valentina Galbiati and Sue Gibbs

There is no registration fee for both meetings. However, attendants are expected to present some part of their experimental work to short talks. If you are interested in the ERGECD and/or ITCASS meeting, please register and send the title of your presentation. Please note that if you want to join both meetings, you have to fill in both registration forms.

Looking forward a wonderful joint ERGECD-ITCASS meeting